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Clamour Vape Aromi 10ml Clamour Vape - 2
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Clamour Vape Aromi 10ml

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Renowned Swiss company that enters the tobacco flavoring market with top quality products. Selected raw materials and meticulous attention to detail make the aromas created at the top of the world panorama of aromas.

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Clamour Vape Aromi 10ml

Clamour Vape Aromi 10ml

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Clamor Vape Flavors 10ml

Renowned Swiss company that enters the tobacco flavoring market with top quality products. Selected raw materials and meticulous attention to detail make the aromas created at the top of the world panorama of aromas.

Better Vape Hello World

Hello World! …and with this aroma we shot it a lot.

A completely revised Black Cavendish with an aromatic bouquet

Recommended dilution: 10%

Maturation time: 24 hours.

Better Vape Saul Pipe Experience

After the success of the first Better Vape Saul, the series continues! This time we enter the magical territory of the pipe: the Pipe Experience wants to recreate that unique atmosphere, transforming a mystical essence into steam. A Black Cavendish of very particular workmanship, directly extracted from the special refining of tobacco, is enriched with a pinch of Latakia to awaken the true nature of "Slow Vaping".

Recommended dilution: 10%

Maturation time: 24 hours.


Variety of Burley Americano with a light toasting, soft and delicate that sometimes recalls the flavor of hazelnut. A tobacco to be enjoyed throughout the day.

Recommended dilution: 10%.

Maturation time: 14 days.

Better Vape Saul

Secret recipe based on a macerated tobacco mainly Latakia flavored with Vanilla and other mysterious ingredients...

Recommended dilution: 10%

Maturation time: 24 hours.

English Mixture

Superb blend of the English type, very particular as it is flavored with an excellent Kentucky and rounded off with a slightly broader blend of orientals and a full-bodied Virginia.

A blend that impresses with its full, strong and spicy taste.

Recommended dilution: 10%

Maturation time: 14 days

Black Cavendish

Here we dive into an extremely soft and spicy world with delicate notes of honey. A note of excellent Virginia is added to the Black Cavendish which gives the flavor that sense of fullness and satisfaction throughout the vape.

Excellent flavor as well as wonderful is the aroma released into the environment.

Recommended dilution: 10%

Maturation time: 24 hours.


The king of pure fire-cured tobaccos! This Latakia is extremely aromatic, the scent denotes very inebriating peaty, woody and smoky notes.

On the vape, the taste is distinctly peated and earthy with truly remarkable aromas of smoke and incense.

An unforgettable vape experience for those who love strong and decisive but at the same time extremely aromatic tastes.

Recommended dilution: 10%

Maturation time: 14 days


A present but not intrusive Latakia, the unmistakable note of oriental tobaccos, Brazilian Virginia and Cuban cigar, give this aroma a roundness and a very particular and balanced flavour.

A full and satisfying taste, a wealth of flavors also suitable for an all-day vape.

Recommended dilution: 10%

Maturation time: 14 days


Perique is defined as the "Truffle of Tobacco". It is the most expensive, both due to the very long and laborious manufacturing and fermentation process, and because it only grows in a small area south of New Orleans.

Recommended dilution: 10%

Maturation time : 14 days.


The essence of true virginia. A unique and unmistakable extract.

Recommended dilution: 10%.

Maturation time: 14 days


A mixture of Latakia, Virginia and Oriental tobaccos with the use of a Dark Virginia and aging in demi-barrique oak barrels.

Recommended dilution: 10%.

Maturation time: 14 days


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Svaposervizi is an Italian site and a physical store dedicated to the electronic cigarette and the world of vape.

All the proposed products are first tested by us (hardware, liquids and aromas), and then if deemed valid recommended to our customers. Atomizers, complete kits, Box mods, flavors, decomposed bases and liquids from the best brands.

Svaposervizi has become a point of reference in Liguria, thanks to the vast catalog, the offers and the passion that we all put into it. If you want to know more and want advice or even just information, you can contact us or consult our blog, and our guides.

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