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Aromas and liquids expiry

All the concentrated and decomposed aromas for sale on the website have the lot number, production date and origin on the packaging.

The manufacturer on the package is not required to indicate an expiration date, and it is generally indicated "24 months after opening".

Why is there no expiration date?

All inhalation liquids for electronic cigarettes are not subject to the obligation to indicate the expiry date on the package.

The manufacturer has the task of establishing whether or not to indicate, on the package, the date beyond which the liquid no longer retains its original organoleptic characteristics.

According to the legislation in force in our country, only food products and products intended for medical use must bear the expiry date. Inhalation liquids for electronic cigarettes, not being intended for these uses, must therefore not be subject to the regulations imposed by the Council of the European Union and the European Parliament.

What happens if I vape an expired liquid?

There are no toxic or harmful consequences if you use an expired liquid for electronic cigarettes, in which case the only contraindication is the aromatic loss and consequently you will not feel any taste, or an unpleasant taste.

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