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We periodically activate promotions for all our customers.

Below you can see all the active promotions you can take advantage of.


By purchasing at least two identical products you will receive an immediate 10% discount.

The promotion is valid for all concentrated flavors and decomposed liquids for electronic cigarettes.

Inside each product page you will find a table with the discount applied and how much you will save on purchase.

All products in this offer are not expiring.

But it doesn't end there!

Many other products take advantage of this promotion. To find out, just open the product sheet that interests you and see if there is a summary table of the applied discounts!


If a product does not have enough stock in stock, the discount will not apply.

Promozione aromi e liquidi sconto 10%


Section dedicated to our limited time discounts!

All products that benefit from this offer will have a countdown to indicate the expiration of the promotion.

Sconti e promozioni a tempo limitato