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A lung atomizer, also known as DTL (Direct-to-Lung), is designed to offer a vaping experience that involves drawing vapor directly into your lungs.
Wide Airflow: DTL atomizers feature a large, open airflow system that allows direct breathing into your lungs without having to hold vapor in your mouth. This type of airflow promotes greater vapor production.
Low Resistance Coils: The coils used in DTL atomizers are designed for lower resistance and produce larger amounts of vapor than MTL (Mouth-to-Lung) atomizers. This results in faster vaporization and higher vapor density.
Wide Drip Tip: DTL atomizers often include wider, more comfortable drip tips to promote more open airflow and increased vapor production. These drip tips are designed to fit the needs of users who want direct inhalation into the lungs.
Vaporization Chamber: The vaporization chamber in DTL atomizers is designed to promote uniform vapor dispersion and broader flavor yield. This is especially important for users who appreciate the richness and complexity of flavors.
Compatibility with high VG liquids: DTL atomizers are often used with high VG (vegetable glycerin) e-liquids, which produce denser and more persistent vapor clouds. These liquids are ideal for users who want to maximize vapor production.
Lung atomizers offer a direct and intense vaping experience, with abundant vapor production and a broad and rich flavor rendering.

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