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The resistive wire for rebuildable atomizers is an essential material used in the construction of the coils of rebuildable atomizers of electronic cigarettes.

Materials: Resistance wire can be made of various materials, including:

  • Kanthal: It is one of the most common materials used for resistive wire. It is corrosion resistant and offers good electrical conductivity.
  • Nichrome: It is an alloy of nickel and chromium that offers lower resistance than Kanthal, producing more heat and faster vaporization.
  • Stainless Steel (SS316L, SS316, SS304): It is a versatile material that offers stable strength, rapid temperature ramping and good flavor rendering.
  • Nickel (Ni200): It is mainly used in resistive wires for temperature control (TC). May be dangerous if used in variable wattage (VV) mode.
  • Titanium (Ti): Also used primarily in resistive wires for temperature control (TC), it offers a rapid response to changing temperatures.

Diameter: Resistance wire is available in various diameter sizes, measured in gauge (AWG) or millimeters (mm). A smaller diameter (larger gauge number) offers greater resistance and more surface area for liquid to vaporize.

Construction Type: Resistance wire can be purchased in several forms, including spools, pre-built coils, pre-cut, or in rolls. Some users prefer to build their own coils using unwound resistive wire, while others prefer the convenience of pre-built coils.

Resistance: The resistance of the resistive wire depends on its material, diameter and length. It is important to calculate the total resistance of the coil during construction to ensure proper functionality and safety of the atomizer.

Modes of Use: The resistive wire can be used in several modes, including variable wattage (VV), temperature control (TC) and bypass mode. The method of use depends on the type of resistive material and the user's personal preferences.

Replacement: The resistor wire should be replaced periodically to ensure clean vaporization and stable coil resistance. The frequency of replacement depends on personal use and the type of fluids used.

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