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A complete e-cigarette kit provides everything a new user needs to start vaping.

Battery: The kit may include one or more rechargeable batteries or separate battery, which provides power to the electronic cigarette. The batteries can be integrated into the device or removable depending on the model.

Atomizer or tank: The atomizer or tank is the part of the device that contains the e-juice liquid to be vaporized. It can be pre-installed or included as part of the kit. Some kits offer a variety of tank options to suit user preferences.

Replacement Coils: The coils (or resistors) inside the atomizer wear out over time and must be replaced periodically. A complete kit usually includes some spare coils to ensure a continued vaping experience.

A complete e-cigarette kit is ideal for new users who want to start vaping without having to purchase the necessary components separately. It offers a convenient and complete solution for starting your vaping experience.

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